Ms. 529 Artistry is such an amazing soul. She is very well professional, was prepared and ready for me when I walked in the door. She walked me through the process to ease the unknown about the micro shading and provided aftercare instructions as well. She also stated to “trust the process.” The atmosphere was very clean, calming ambiance coupled with a comfortable blanket(security for me). Ms. Tiara Cobbs did an amazing job, I’m still in the healing process and appreciate her patience. Thank you so much Ms. Tiara for the 529 Artistry LLC experience and I’m looking forward to my touch up as well. Blessings & favor as you continue to provide impeccable service to all.


Tiara is the ONLY choice to go to for microshading. The amount of confidence I have felt since getting my designer, luxury brows is out of this world. You cannot tell me a thing. Eyebrows are a must when completing your look. I get to wake up with PERFECT brows everyday, are you kidding me?! The amount of time saved by getting this service done and being able to wake up and go everyday especially while raising a toddler is such a blessing. Tiara is a godsend. My healing process was even flawless Book her while you can. She’s going to the top


Tiara was just so amazing with everything. As soon as I walked in everything was clean and sanitized , and she made sure to greet me. She made sure to let me know all the steps she would do before she started and made sure to show me my eyebrow mapping before she started the micro shading. During my appointment she made me feel so comfortable which made the process extremely fast and painless. After I was done she gave me a aftercare bag with essential things to use for aftercare which I greatly appreciated. I am OBSESSED with my brows , I have been getting so many positive complements on them and it’s only been a day! I will definitely be returning to 529artistry!